Used EDWARDS ES35 #9096041 for sale

ID: 9096041
Pump Displacement: 2CMH Inlet connection: 15.9mm O/D Tube Outlet connection: 12mm Hose Stages: 1 Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 0.18kW, 240V, 1Phase.
EDWARDS ES35 is a high-performance vacuum pump designed for a variety of applications that require extreme precision. It features a unique air and gas pumping system that was specifically designed to deliver a high level of effectiveness when extracting gases from enclosures. It is also capable of maintaining a very low operating temperature. This makes it ideal for use in research and laboratory settings. This efficient pump has a nozzle design that allows it to fit almost any size of space, making it the perfect choice for a variety of purposes. Its robust construction and heavy metal body are engineered to offer long-term reliability, even in extreme temperatures. What's more, ES35 is equipped with an advanced rotor system that ensures it can handle extreme pressures. The motor is low noise, offering very quiet operation, and it is designed to reach an impressive speed of up to 3500rpm. This makes it suitable for industrial and laboratory use, with the rotor design offering exceptional performance when dealing with a variety of gasses. EDWARDS ES35 is also built with safety in mind. It features a pressure relief valve that eliminates the possibility of overpressurization, meaning it can be used safely even in hazardous environments. Finally, the motor is equipped with an efficient oil-mist separator, ensuring it is protected from dust and other debris while in operation. As a result, ES35 is the perfect pump for a range of industrial and research applications. It is highly reliable, with a robust construction that can handle extreme temperatures and pressures. Its low noise motor offers excellent performance when dealing with gases, and safety features such as the pressure relief valve mean it can be used safely even in potentially hazardous conditions. Whether you're looking for a reliable everyday pump or one for more complicated tasks, EDWARDS ES35 is an excellent choice.
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