Used EDWARDS ES50 #9096043 for sale

ID: 9096043
Pump Displacement: 3CMH Stages: 1 Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: 15.9mm O/D Tube Outlet connection: 12mm Hose Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air .18kW 240V 1Phase.
EDWARDS ES50 is a high specification, multi-stage, centrifugal pump designed for industrial use. This reliable pump is equipped with a high-pressure impeller to move liquids quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for applications where high pressure or higher flow rate are required, such as HVAC systems, boiler feeding, and process skids. Additionally, this pump has a durable construction that offers reliable performance and long-lasting durability. The main components of ES50 include the impeller, the shaft, and the motor. The impeller is designed to efficiently move liquids and consists of a series of curved blades that capture the liquid and force it through the volute. The shaft is the component that transfers power to the impeller to enable the pump to rotate and produce pressure. The motor is responsible for supplying the mechanical energy required to operate the pump. This pump is available in multiple sizes and configurations, allowing it to be used for a variety of applications. It can provide flow rates of up to 50 gpm and pressures of up to 150 psi, depending on the chosen model. The pump is also designed for easy maintenance and quick repair when required. This includes a quick release design, so the pump can be serviced without having to dismantle the entire unit. When installing EDWARDS ES50, it is important to consider the type of medium being pumped and the system requirements. This pump performs best when the liquid is clean and non-abrasive and is suitable for pumping water, glycol, or fuels. It must be securely mounted on a rigid foundation and can be connected to the system using flexible hoses or other components that meet the specific requirements. ES50 is an excellent choice for high-pressure applications and is a reliable and durable pump that is easy to install and maintain. Its unique design and quality components ensure it operates at the highest level of efficiency so that it is able to meet the demands of many industrial applications.
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