Used EDWARDS ES602 #9089809 for sale

ID: 9089809
EDWARDS ES602 is an advanced horizontal, top-mounted multi-stage dry-pumping equipment developed by EDWARDS, a leading provider of high-quality vacuum and auxiliary pumping systems. ES602 is designed for rough and medium vacuum applications and can provide a reliable mechanical pump at a comparatively reasonable cost. EDWARDS ES602 is equipped with a two-stage, top-mounted design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance operations. It is composed of a housing, rotor, and stages for each stage of the pump, providing improved resistance to turbulence and vibration and maintaining a consistent vacuum level over a variety of operating conditions. ES602 is capable of handling rough and medium vacuum applications from 0.1 mbar to 900 mbar. It is suitable for use with a wide range of gases, including air and various inert gases such as nitrogen. EDWARDS ES602 is oil-sealed and requires minimal maintenance, with no oil filters or oil changes required. Additionally, the pump has a non-pumping ceramic seal that ensures a long-term, leak-free operation. ES602 has a robust construction with an advanced bearing system and gas handling mechanism. It includes an integrated air-cooled motor and advanced configuration features that ensure efficient performance and energy-saving operation. The pump has an integrated comprehensive switch-off unit that allows the motor to detect a vacuum decrease and safely shut down the pump. EDWARDS ES602 is designed for easy service and maintenance. It has easily removable internals and a wide range of accessories for customization. All components are modular and can be replaced without any need for tools. Additionally, EDWARDS provides a 24-month warranty for all components of the pump, ensuring the reliability of the operation for the long-term. Overall, ES602 is a robust, high-quality, and highly reliable pump capable of providing a durable vacuum machine for a range of applications. The multi-stage design, top-mounted design, oil-sealed construction, and advanced features ensure efficient and safe operation while providing an acceptable level of performance in rough and medium vacuum applications.
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