Used EDWARDS EXC120 #9097420 for sale

ID: 9097420
Turbo pump controller For EXT series turbo pumps Connecting cables included Electrical supply voltage: 90-264V Maximum input power: 260W Maximum output power: 110W Ambient temperature range: 0-40C Enclosure Protection Rating: IP20.
EDWARDS EXC120 is a heavy-duty, medium flow, dynamic rotary piston pump designed for achieving high pressure in process gas applications. The pump operates over a wide range of vacuum to high pressure capability, up to 10,000 mbar. The liquid piston design enables the use of a variety of different seal arrangements, allowing it to suit a range of different applications. Being a single-stage, axial-flow pump, it is well-suited for applications such as pressure boost, vacuum boost, and gas transfer. It also offers a choice of single- or two-stage operation. EDWARDS EXC 120 features a mechanical displacement on the rotor, creating pressure increases in stages as the pressure increases. This helps reduce the risk of cavitation and is also especially beneficial in applications where pressure increases are required. The pump also has an integrated liquid cooling to protect against overheating, and an integrated high-performance magnetic bearing isolator that helps reduce wear. EXC120 has an excellent overall performance, delivering medium flow rates of up to 22.5 m³/hr, depending on the application, and maintaining a clean and dry vacuum. Its robust design is balanced with its low noise and vibration levels to create the best operating conditions. EXC 120 has been certified according to the ATEX directive, making it suitable for use in hazardous areas. It is also CE marked and conforms to ISO 9001, making it fit for use in a variety of process gas applications. In conclusion, EDWARDS EXC120 is a reliable, efficient and versatile pump that can be used for a range of process gas applications, from vacuum boost to gas transfer. With its excellent performance, user-friendly design, and flexibility, it is an excellent choice for many industrial applications.
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