Used EDWARDS EXC250L #9097423 for sale

ID: 9097423
Turbo pump controller Electrical Supply Voltage: 90-264V, 47-63Hz Maximum Input Power (Without Bake out Band): 440W Maximum Output Power: 250W Ambient Temperature Range: 0-40C Enclosure Protection Rating: IP20.
EDWARDS EXC250L is a powerful, single-stage magnetic drive pump designed for continuous variable-speed operation. It can deliver highly accurate, consistent flow rates over an extended range, making it ideal for circulation and dosing applications. With its high-torque motor and durable stainless steel construction, EXC250L pump offers reliable performance and fast operation. EDWARDS EXC250L operates almost entirely free of leakage and contact between the motor and liquid, eliminating the need for an expensive mechanical seal or stuffing box. This feature, along with its variable flow capacity, makes EXC250L ideal for pumping low-viscosity fluids, including gas and water. EDWARDS EXC250L pump can handle pressures up to 10 Bar and temperatures up to 180°C, meaning it can be used in a wide range of applications, including specialised chemicals, petroleum, and light liquid metals. EXC250L pump is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It comes with quick-release tensioners to facilitate simple head maintenance, and its bearing housing is designed to be removed and reinstalled without the need to disassemble the entire pump head. This design minimizes downtime and servicing costs. EDWARDS EXC250L has a wide selection of wetted materials and is customisable to a variety of fluid pumping requirements. Its stainless steel construction and corrosion-resistant features make it safe for use in high-purity environments, and its multi-speed motor can be tailored to reduce wear and increase the pump's service life. EXC250L is also UL- and CE-certified, making it safe for use in medical, industrial and hazardous applications. EDWARDS EXC250L is a robust, reliable pump that delivers superior performance and excellent value for money. Its stainless steel construction, moisture-resistant capabilities and extensive customisable features make it ideal for use in a variety of applications. With its high-torque motor and variably adjustable flow rate, EXC250L is an excellent choice for reliable pumping solutions.
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