Used EDWARDS EXC300 #9097425 for sale

ID: 9097425
Turbo pump controller Part No. D396-14-000 Turbo Pump Controller for EXT Turbo Pumps Electrical Supply Voltage: 240v Maximum Input Power (Without Bake out Band): 550w Maximum Output Power: 290w Ambient Temperature Range: 0-40°C.
EDWARDS EXC300 is a dry-prime centrifugal pump with a gas engine designed for a wide variety of dewatering applications. Its construction features a priming pump, centrifugal pump, engine, and priming bellows all in one unit for increased convenience, robust construction, and operational efficiency. EXC300 utilizes a clockwise, two stage, single inlet centrifugal pump which offers good hydraulic efficiency and cost-effective operation. A cast iron volute and stainless steel impeller provide durability and ensure outstanding performance, even in abrasive conditions. The sizeable 402 literPM diesel engine is capable of delivering up to 294 m^3/hr and 83 m head, making it ideal for large scale dewatering jobs such as construction sites, quarries and flood relief. EDWARDS EXC300 features an integrated bellows style priming unit for hassle-free manual priming. This priming unit encompasses a volute-style priming chamber, priming check valve, and a vent valve. The priming chamber is connected to a suction pipe to prime the centrifugal pump, and a sealed vent valve allows the priming chamber to be easily vented to the atmosphere for leak free priming. The priming check valve safeguards against run-back. EXC300 is also equipped with heavy-duty features to ensure its longevity and reliability in tough jobsite conditions. The pump is calibrated for easy maintenance, with serviceable internals made of high grade materials. The built-in strainer aids with debris separation and the hard anodized bearing guards enhance lubrication. Additionally, the unit features a low oil level safety cut-off switch to protect the engine from possible fuel-related issues. Overall, EDWARDS EXC300 is a reliable and robust dry-prime centrifugal pump designed to handle a wide range of dewatering applications. Featuring all-in-one construction, robust features, and powerful engine, EXC300 offers excellent performance and cost effectiveness.
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