Used EDWARDS EXDC80 #9097426 for sale

ID: 9097426
Turbo pump controller Special features & Accessories: Suitable to use with EXT70 Output Voltage: 24V Output Power: 80W.
EDWARDS EXDC80 is a reliable, smart pump designed by EDWARDS for use in demanding applications. It is an advanced diaphragm vacuum pump which combines an 80 cubic inch displacement, oil sealed rotating diaphragm backing pump with a low noise oil-free two stage pull-through scroll pump. It features a double-diaphragm drive configuration for smoother and higher vacuum performance over a large operating range. The pump is equipped with an integrated control system for simple maintenance and programming allowing users to adjust performance parameters as needed. EXDC80 is constructed from high quality materials, ensuring extended pump life and reliable operation. The materials used in the pump are resistant to wear and breakage, further increasing the reliability of the device. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications that require high-pressure and long-term reliability. The pump also features an efficient cooling system which allows it to maintain a low temperature and prolong the life of the device. It is also equipped with an effective oil filtration system, which ensures that all the pump's components are kept clean and dust free for extended wear time. It also features an easy-to-access lubrication port which allows for quick and easy maintenance of the device. EDWARDS EXDC80 is designed to provide superior performance over a wide range of operating conditions. It can achieve a number of different vacuum ranges from atmospheric to an ultra-high vacuum, making it suitable for a variety of applications such as research and analysis labs, and even industrial settings. It is also designed to achieve a very low ultimate pressure for more advanced vacuum applications, and a low noise level for quieter operation. EXDC80 is a reliable, dependable, and robust vacuum pump, that will provide excellent performance and reliability to your application. It is simple to use, maintain, and program, offering excellent flexibility and high performance, making it an excellent choice for any demanding application.
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