Used EDWARDS EXT 255H #9097934 for sale

EXT 255H
ID: 9097934
Turbo pump with cable.
EDWARDS EXT 255H is an advanced, heavy-duty, rotary vane pump designed to provide a reliable source of vacuum. This particular pump offers a range of excellent features and benefits, making it a superior choice for a number of industrial and scientific applications. This high-performance vacuum pump includes a single-phase induction motor that is available with both 110 and 230 volts for applications requiring either voltage. It is designed with an advanced baseplate and fluid reservoir that efficiently eliminates the need for external cooling systems. EXT 255H pump is designed with stainless steel construction for enhanced longevity and performance. This powerful pump offers a wide range of operation from atmospheric pressure up to 9.1 torr, and it is capable of handling a wide range of applications including chemical, biotechnology, and laboratory applications. This pump is equipped with automatic electronic safety controls which are vital for ensuring the safe operation of the pump. It has a self-adjusting, self-regulating pressure-controller that automatically senses any increases in pressure and adjusts the device accordingly, without manual intervention. It also includes a wide selection of accessories, such as a silicon-free oil filter, exhaust oil deflector, and vacuum gauge, for greater functionality and life-span. EDWARDS EXT 255H pump has a highly efficient operating mode that is both silent and vibration free. It uses a simple 2-stage motor to create reliable vacuum levels, and the pressure pulses are consistently low throughout its operational life. This pump is equipped with a pressure-regulating valve and pressure-relief valve to ensure safe operation at all times. It has a dual-entry port design which gives flexibility for its connections, and it also includes a fine-mesh strainer filter to prevent clogging. Overall, EXT 255H is a reliable, high-performance pump that is designed for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications. With its excellent construction, powerful performance, and range of features, it is an effective choice for reliable vacuum levels.
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