Used EDWARDS EXT250 #9097199 for sale

ID: 9097199
Turbo Pump Pumping speed: 240 lit/sec Minimum size backing pump: 6 CMH Recommended Backing Pump: RV5 Quiescent Electrical Power: 15 W Inlet flange: ISO100 Backing connection: KF25 Cooling: Air or Water.
EDWARDS EXT250 is a single-stage, oil-sealed, rotary vane pump capable of creating a vacuum of up to 25 mbar. The pump housing is made of precision-ground aluminium allowing for an extremely quiet, yet powerful and reliable operation. This pump is self-lubricating and primarily designed for use in laboratories, but is also suitable for industrial applications. It has an in-built automatic intake valve that is self-seating, as well as an integrated oil-resistant anti-suck back valve that stops the pump from running when the intake pressure is negative. It is capable of achieving high pumping speeds and long service intervals due to its efficient oil filtration and recirculation system. The oil level is easily monitored via the sight glass on the machine. EXT250 is equipped with a two-speed single-phase electric motor, built with brushless windings and a low power consumption. This ensures reliable operation, even in applications which require frequent switching of the pump. The motor is controlled by an adjustable speed controller and the running speed can be adjusted to match the performance requirements. The pump is designed to provide vibration-free operation and reduce noise levels. It incorporates effective vibration dampening elements, as well as motor vibration isolators to minimize vibration transmission throughout the system. The pump is serviced using an easily accessible, well-sealed maintenance cover. This provides access to the parts which require maintenance, such as the bearing, the vane, the intake valve, and the oil drain plug. An independent oil tank is also included making it easy to separate the pump lubricant from the process media. EDWARDS EXT250 is suited to a wide range of applications including laboratory, medical research, industrial processes, and vacuum coating. It is also suitable for the vacuum processes in analytical instruments. For additional safety and reliability, the pump is supplied with an integrated thermal device monitoring system which monitors its temperature during operation.
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