Used EDWARDS EXT501e #9097209 for sale

ID: 9097209
Turbo Pump Pumping speed: 450 lit/sec for N2 Ultimate Vacuum: 5 x 10-8mbar Inlet flange: ISO160 Backing connection: KF40 Minimum size backing pump: 14 CMH Recommended Backing Pump: RV12 Cooling: Water or Air.
EDWARDS EXT501e is an industry-leading pump produced by the industrial technology company, EDWARDS. It is an oil-sealed, rotary vane vacuum pump ideal for all applications where high ultimate vacuums are required. EXT501e has a low compression ratio, high pumping speed, low maintenance, and durability. It has a noise level of only 65 dBa and consistent performance throughout its lifetime. This specific model of the pump is self-priming, meaning that it can pull air through a vacuum on its own, without the need of additional priming agents. The high-performance roughing pump can maintain a low pressure of 4 Torr down to a 0.3 Torr level. EDWARDS EXT501e can be used across industries, such as in rough working environments, and on scientific research or medical apparatus. It is the perfect choice for applications such as research on gases, vacuum coating, vacuum chamber evacuation, distillation, and freeze-drying. EXT501e is designed with performance and convenience in mind. It is equipped with an advanced cyclic control system that improves oil-seal performance and ensures minimal oil loss and minimum hydrocarbon emissions. This feature also extends the life of the pump and reduces its operating costs. EDWARDS EXT501e has a robust, corrosion-resistant metal construction which makes it safer and longer-lasting in harsh industrial environments. Additional features such as an oil mist eliminator, an inlet shut-off valve, and an overseas filter ensure that the pump can perform effectively for longer and in more demanding applications. EXT501e is also user-friendly, thanks to advanced convenience features. Its operating panel has a LCD screen that clearly displays useful operating data such as inlet and outlet pressure, temperature, and oil levels. It also has a built-in memory that allows users to save frequently used settings, thereby saving time and effort. All in all, EDWARDS EXT501e is an effective and efficient pump with a robust metal construction. It has an advanced cyclic control system that ensures optimal performance and maintenance-free, user-friendly features such as an LCD display. It is the perfect choice for industrial environments and applications where high ultimate vacuum is required.
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