Used EDWARDS GV600 #163015 for sale

ID: 163015
Dry pump With EH4200.
EDWARDS GV600 is a powerful vacuum pump designed for high performance, continuous operation in demanding industrial applications. It is a single-stage oil-sealed rotary pump that offers remarkable ultimate vacuum and pumping speed. The pump features a robust cast iron construction, durable mechanical seals and advanced cooling technology. It is capable of operating in temperatures up to 85°C and can easily handle pressures up to 10 bar. EDWARDS GV 600 is driven by an efficient 4 kW, three-phase motor, with adjustable speed from 30 to 75 Hz. It features a low-vibration equipment that helps to ensure minimal noise levels, even in high-vacuum conditions. Additionally, an integrated intelligent speed detection system enables the pump to maintain optimum speed at all times and to extend motor life and reduce maintenance. GV600 also has an external water-cooled gas ballast unit that allows the user to adapt the pumping speed, depending on the process requirement. This is especially useful for applications that require high pumping speeds, such as the evacuation of high-volume systems. A reliable charcoal filter machine is integrated into the pump, ensuring that all process vapours are accurately separated. GV 600 is designed for easy maintenance with quick-connect feature that allows users to replace the filters quickly. It is also designed for easy installation with a 15-inch inlet and exhaust connections. It also features a high-performance lubrication tool, which ensures reliable operation for extended periods of time. Overall, EDWARDS GV600 is a reliable, high-performance industrial pump suitable for a wide range of applications. Its robust construction and advanced features make it an ideal choice for those requiring reliable vacuum performance. Furthermore, its affordable price and easy maintenance make it an attractive choice for those on a budget.
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