Used EDWARDS GV80 / EH500 #9096663 for sale

GV80 / EH500
ID: 9096663
Pump Part No: Variable depending on set up Required Pumping Speed: 410CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 0.001m/bar Inlet Flange: ISO100 Outlet Flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Accessories available seperately: Exhaust Filters, Inlet Filters.
EDWARDS GV80 and EH500 are two series of positive displacement pumps designed to move liquids in a variety of industries. These pumps employ a rotating shaft to move liquid through an enclosed chamber, providing a constant, efficient flow. They offer exceptional levels of reliability, with minimum vibration, reduced noise levels and low rates of wear and tear. The pumps feature a highly efficient hydraulic design, which increases efficiency while reducing the complexity of the pump internals. This design allows them to work with a wide range of viscosity liquids, and at a range of operating pressures. The GV80 and EH500 pumps both use a 'gerotor' element, a three-lobe rotor which circulates the liquid around the containment chamber. This form of containment ensures the pump will not cavitate, as it depends on air flow. This is particularly useful when working with more volatile liquids, such as fuels and chemicals. The gerotor element helps maintain pressure and prevent vacuum formation even at the pumps lowest rotational speeds. These pumps are available with three speed settings, designated as high, medium and low, allowing the pump to be used in a variety of scenarios. The EH500 series pumps is capable of achieving high flow rates with minimal vibration and noise, while the GV80 series can provide greater levels of stability at high pressures. The design of both pumps also offers a range of user options for customisation. Suitable for electric and manual operation up to a maximum of 1000 psi, the GV80 and EH500 pumps can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and are the perfect choice for industries where durability and reliability are paramount. A range of optional extras, such as additional seals, cooling systems, thermal protection and internal lubrication systems, are available for added protection and user convenience. Additionally, EDWARDS provides expert service support and a full portfolio of technical and operational support. The GV80 and EH500 pumps are ideal choices for many businesses, offering increased efficiency, versatility and cost savings compared to similar positive displacement pumps.
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