Used EDWARDS GV80 #9096661 for sale

ID: 9096661
Pump Pumping speed: 92 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 0.01 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO40 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 415 V Motor Power: 4Kw Accessories Available: Inlet Filters.
EDWARDS GV80 is a versatile vacuum pump designed for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. The pump is a positive displacement rotary vane vacuum pump that operates with a low noise level and is extremely reliable, making it an ideal choice for vacuum systems. It operates with a single stage of operation to maximize output from its compact size. The engine is driven directly by a powerful 34 hp motor that combines with a five-blade rotor to offer users more than 9.5 mbar pressure. This powerful motor is designed to provide continuous high-flow rates, allowing the pump to quickly and efficiently process both wet and dry applications. The vacuum pump also features an in-built gas ballast system to help control the build-up of condensation during operation, extending the service life of the vacuum pump. EDWARDS GV 80 is designed for continuous use in rough conditions with no additional lubrication needed. The all-metal construction ensures the pump is durable and resistant to high environmental pressures, making it suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications. The unit can be connected with an order to facilitate the efficient distribution of generated vacuum pressure and supports cleanroom requirements with its high-quality filtration system. In addition, if users wish to take GV80 beyend the toporary control limits, they can invert the motor and convert it into a compressor. GV 80 features advanced mechanical technology such as a permanent-magnet motor, helical gears, electronic control and variable rotational speeds to guarantee performance and efficiency. Furthermore, it has a double-suction structure that increases the pressure differential and allows for high-speed operation, making it an excellent vacuum pump choice for industrial use. As well, each EDWARDS GV80 comes with a convenient operational screen that displays various conditions and parameters, enabling quick and easy settings adjustment. This pump can also be tailored to fit individual specifications with various additional options including water-cooled intercoolers, filter, rotation speed regulation and a remote control. Overall, EDWARDS GV 80 is an advanced single-stage, direct drive vacuum pump which offers outstanding performance, reliability and ease of use for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Thanks to its impressive power, robust construction and customisation features, this highly efficient rotary vane pump can work the toughest jobs efficiently and reliably.
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