Used EDWARDS GVI 100P #9094158 for sale

GVI 100P
ID: 9094158
Gate valve.
EDWARDS GVI 100P is a heavy-duty pneumatic-driven pump that is designed specifically for the transfer and evacuation of corrosive corrosive gases and liquids. This pump is constructed from a durable stainless steel material that is laser etched for an easy to read label, helping ensure optimal performance in a laboratory environment. This pump is a single-stage, self-priming unit that operates at up to 120 PSI and 125 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of compressed air. Its vertical design helps conserve valuable floor space and eliminates the need for additional mounting attachments. GVI 100P is designed to include a built-in butterfly valve that allows for precision flow control and an adjustable speed of up to 150 SCFM. This helps improve the operation efficiency of this pump while providing superior protection from chemical leakage. The gas inlet and outlet fittings are constructed from a high-impact grade Teflon material that helps maximize durability, keeping your pump running safely and reliably for years. This pump also features a built-in circuit board overload protector to help reduce the potential risk of electrical system damage. This pump also comes equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features, such as foam-filled seals and a built-in check valve. The foam-filled seals help protect the pump from damage caused by harsh chemicals or solvents while the built-in check valve prevents backflow. This keeps any hazardous liquids or gases from entering the environment, helping to protect both personnel and the environment. EDWARDS GVI 100P comes with numerous accessories to help maximize the overall performance of this pump. This includes a pressure gauge, pressure regulator, stainless steel tubing, silencing valve, collection tray, and mounting hardware. All of these accessories are designed to help you maximize the potential of the pump while providing reliable and effective operation in harsh laboratory settings. Overall, GVI 100P is an ideal choice for the rigorous demands of chemical transfer and evacuation processes. Its high-quality construction and comprehensive safety features help to provide a reliable and efficient performance. This pump is also easy to install and comes with a range of accessories to help ensure that you get the most out of every job.
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