Used EDWARDS GVSP #133137 for sale

ID: 133137
Scroll pump, 3 phase.
EDWARDS GVSP is a pump, typically abbreviated as GVSP, that is specifically designed and manufactured by EDWARDS to meet the needs of various industries and applications. EDWARDS GVSP model is an evolution of the highly successful Rotary Vane Pump design, initially developed by EDWARDS over 50 years ago. The pump offers high reliability and durability through an innovative design and manufacturing approach, eliminating many of the common problems associated with other pump types. Constructed in single and dual ported configurations, GVSP models are able to provide users with unmatched levels of performance that can be tailored to suit the application in hand. The pump is designed with a robust frame and reliable bearing equipment for ease of maintenance. The saw-tooth box design provides a secure and reliable vacuum seal with precise rotation and no exposed moving parts, ensuring easy maintenance and extended service life. This feature also allows for a wide range of vacuum levels to be achieved, from atmospheric pressure to ultimate vacuum. The unique dual ported design allows for both sides of the pump to be operational. This provides an additional advantage where higher flow rates are required and allows the pump to be used for applications ranging from the basic displacement of gases, to the more demanding requirements of high-quality vacuums. EDWARDS GVSP pumps are also equipped with a range of auxiliary components that can be used to customise the performance and capability of the pump. This includes various accessories and options, such as a clogging system, bypass valves, and pressure regulators. This provides users with additional control and unit integrity, as well as improving reliability and performance. In conclusion, GVSP proves to be a reliable and highly robust pump that has been designed to meet various industry requirements. Its extensive range of features and options allow users to tailor the performance and capability to suit the application at hand, providing unmatched levels of performance. The robust frame, reliable bearing machine and saw-tooth box design ensures its pump can provide reliable service in a wide range of conditions and environments, allowing for its use in a variety of industries and applications.
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