Used EDWARDS GVSP30 #9096674 for sale

ID: 9096674
Pump Pumping speed: 30 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 1 x 10-2 m/bar Inlet flange: KF25 Outlet flange: KF25 Cooling: Air Voltage: 415, 3Phase Motor Power: 0.6Kw.
EDWARDS GVSP30 pump is a high-performance industrial vacuum pump designed for use in a variety of industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, surface analysis, and precision pumping of gases, liquids, and vapors. EDWARDS GVSP 30 provides a maximum volume flow of 30 cubic meters per hour and is capable of pumping liquids at a pressure of up to 1.3 bar (15 psi). The patented GVSP30 features an efficient and reliable design that delivers superior performance in applications that require long life, reliability, and low maintenance. GVSP 30 is designed to meet specific requirements for vacuum pumping in industrial and laboratories. It features a stainless steel, Chemical Duty construction with a metal brazing construction for corrosion resistance. EDWARDS GVSP30 is equipped with an internal Gas Ballast that offers improved pump performance in low vacuum applications. It utilizes a hermetically sealed motor to ensure a superior vacuum and reduce bearing wear to extend the life of the pump. EDWARDS GVSP 30 also features a large diameter, tri-level impeller that is specially designed for maximum efficiency and long duty. GVSP30 also features a unique, patented Dual Discharge design which reduces pulsation and reduces maintenance requirements. The use of two separate discharge chambers prevents the formation of cavitation and bubble formation, which can lead to increased vibration and noise. This pump can operate in either a Dry or Wet Mode and can reach pressures as low as 17mbar. GVSP 30 conforms to UL, cUL, CE, and IEC standards and is RoHS compliant. The pump has a variety of different options for motor enclosure, voltage, and accessories. EDWARDS GVSP30 provides superior performance in a variety of industrial applications and is well suited for wet and dry vacuum environments. Its unique dual discharge design helps to reduce maintenance requirements and its durable chemical duty construction ensures a long life. The built-in gas ballast ensures operation in the most demanding industrial settings and the user-friendly design ensures that it is a reliable and efficient pump. EDWARDS GVSP 30 is the ideal choice for environments where long life, reliability, and low maintenance are essential.
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