Used EDWARDS GX100L #9066813 for sale

ID: 9066813
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EDWARDS GX100L is a high efficiency, oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. Designed for performance, GX100L provides superior pumping speed and ultimate backing capability to meet the most demanding applications. Featuring a patented groove technology, EDWARDS GX100L is engineered to help you achieve your highest level of vacuum performance, efficiency, and reliability. GX100L will displace up to 20 m3/hr of atmospheric air and can achieve ultimate pressure of 1.0 mbar. The reliable, superior-performance rotary vane technology provides a maximum vacuum flow rate of 102 l/min and a maximum vacuum level of 40 mbar abs. The use of an energy-efficient motor, coupled with a mechanical gas-ballast, minimize electricity consumption and maximize performance. The integrative design of the pump enables the user to easily access all internal components. By connecting to the integrated vacuum gauge, the user can monitor the vacuum level and make adjustments as needed. Built-in safety features like the travel switch help to maximize performance and minimize downtime. To ensure a long service life and optimum performance, EDWARDS GX100L includes several ergonomic features such as a service door for easy access to internal components and a top-side oil drain for convenient service. A robust design and oil mist filter help to reduce harmful oil leakage and prevent contamination from entering the user's environment. GX100L shows superior performance and efficiency through its energy-efficient motor, patented groove technology, and robust design. This economical pump provides ultimate backing performance to meet any vacuum demands and ensures a long service life. With its built-in safety features and ergonomic features, EDWARDS GX100L is an ideal choice for any vacuum application.
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