Used EDWARDS GX6 / 100L #9066815 for sale

GX6 / 100L
ID: 9066815
Dry pumps, many available.
EDWARDS GX6 / 100L is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective industrial pump designed to provide reliable, low-maintenance operation. This unit is equipped with a self-priming feature, allowing it to start without the need for manual priming, ensuring quick, efficient priming when required. GX6 / 100L is constructed with a die-cast aluminium body, which ensures durability and longevity of the pump, and a dynamic impeller which ensures a high level of efficiency and performance. EDWARDS GX6 / 100L has a maximum flow rate of up to 100 litres per minute, and can deliver up to 16 bar discharge pressure. It has a maximum performance of 6 bar differential pressure at a maximum flow rate of 78m3/hr, and offers an efficient, durable performance for a wide range of industrial applications. GX6 / 100L is also equipped with an advanced control and monitoring system, allowing for enhanced monitoring and control capabilities. This pump includes a temperature and pressure monitoring system, allowing for real-time feedback to help detect potential problems. The control features include automatic self-priming, to allow quick start-up and operation, as well as adjustable speed settings to allow for control of the pump output. EDWARDS GX6 / 100L pump also has low maintenance requirements, with its lightweight, compact design being designed for easy installation and minimum service requirements. The pump also offers good portability, with a transport weight of 6.8 kg and transport dimensions of 368 mm x 295 mm x 220 mm. GX6 / 100L also has a high-level of safety, with a thermostatically controlled emergency power cut-off switch, in the event of an emergency. EDWARDS GX6 / 100L is therefore a reliable and cost-effective pump option for a wide range of industrial applications. Providing reliable operation, and allowing for enhanced monitoring and control capabilities, this pump provides a resilient and efficient performance. With its low-maintenance requirements, lightweight and compact design, as well as a high-level of safety features, GX6 / 100L is an ideal choice for reliable and efficient pump operation.
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