Used EDWARDS HMB1800 #9066816 for sale

ID: 9066816
Dry pump.
EDWARDS HMB1800 is a moderate vacuum pump that is often used in industrial processes. This pump is designed to operate with oil-sealed rotary vane technology, which provides consistent, reliable performance. HMB1800 is capable of developing up to 1.8 mbar output pressure and features an easy-to-use digital control for optimal operation. It includes a robust, three-stage design to help eliminate back streaming of oil and contamination. EDWARDS HMB1800 uses a mechanical oil drainage equipment that prevents oil carry-over in the pump exhaust, ensuring safe, clean operation. It includes an oil reseal feature that helps maintain efficient oil levels and remove moisture from the system. The front panel features an easy-read vacuum gauge for on-site monitoring. The built-in thermal protection unit prevents the pump from overheating during tough operating conditions. HMB1800 is designed for durable, long-term performance in continuous duty operations. The oil sealed rotary vane design is built for optimal stability and accuracy. This pump features a compact design that takes up minimal space, allowing it to be conveniently placed in the work area. Leak-free seals also help ensure the utmost in safety for employees. EDWARDS HMB1800 offers a low noise level of only 70 dB(A) (3m distance), making it a quiet, efficient option for any industrial process. This pump can also operate in temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. It is available in single-phase and three-phase configurations with a voltage range of 220-240v or 380-415v. It's also designed to meet CE, UL, and CSA standards. In summary, HMB1800 is a reliable, efficient industrial rotary vane pump designed for durability in continuous duty applications. It features an oil drainage machine, thermal protection, and a low noise level. It also meets safety standards and is available in multiple voltage configurations.
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