Used EDWARDS HT10 #133232 for sale

ID: 133232
Diffusion pump.
EDWARDS HT10 is a high-tech vacuum pump designed for industrial applications. It is capable of providing an ultimate pressure of 10 Torr and impressive pumping speed. The pump also boasts a mean time between failure of 2500 operating hours and a noise level of 62dB. HT10 features a reliable performance, assisted by its low maintenance costs. It is known for providing clean, dry vacuum conditions, perfect for processes such as degassing, coating and more. The universal inlet port is 3/4" and the exhaust port is 1/2", enabling compatibility with almost all industrial systems. EDWARDS HT10 is designed to operate continuously or intermittently and to provide an increased level of safety in pressure conditions. It achieves this through an efficient seal and robust construction, allowing for consistent and reliable performance. The pump also features a head shield for added protection. HT10 features various features for increased efficiency and convenience. It is equipped with a two-stage motor design which allows for low energy consumption, improved performance, and impressive energy efficiency. The pump also includes a built-in cooling fan and internal oil filtration system for its twin-head rotary vane design. It also includes variable speed drives, allowing for precise control over speed and airfl ow settings. Furthermore, EDWARDS HT10 is equipped with electronic sensors to help monitor the pump status and provide vital data to enhance performance. The pump also features an automatic switch-off feature, allowing it to stop pumping when the ultimate pressure is reached. Overall, HT10 is an industry-leading vacuum pump that provides optimum performance and reliability. Its reliable performance, low maintenance costs, low energy consumption, and intuitive design make it the ideal pump for a variety of industrial applications.
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