Used EDWARDS HT16B #133235 for sale

ID: 133235
Diffusion pump.
EDWARDS HT16B is a high-performance oil-free diaphragm pump designed for demanding industrial applications. It is a convenient sized, lightweight, yet powerful option for today's industrial needs. HT16B is designed with a brushless universal motor and integrated polishing filter, resulting in high performance that is quiet and energy efficient. The pump features a patented all-metal single-stage vacuum pump, with a patented filter design. This filter design traps particles and protects the pump from wear without causing contamination. EDWARDS HT16B pump offers superior vacuum levels of up to 16 mbar and efficient pumping speeds of up to 30 m3/h. This pump also has a patented sealing system allowing for extended run life. EDWARDS pump is capable of running at any rate of speed and requires very little maintenance. The handlebar design of HT16B allows for easy transportation and the pump is fueled by a 100-240V AC power supply or 12V DC battery. EDWARDS HT16B pump provides reliable performance with minimal downtime, making it ideal for industrial applications. It is adaptable to a variety of applications, from general laboratory pumps to the more specialized applications such as thin-film coating, vacuum distillation, and filtration. It can also be used to transfer and purge different liquids, such as gentle handling of aggressive fluids, perfumes, acids, and solvents. Furthermore, HT16B is designed with a low-noise motor, ensuring quiet operations and making it suitable for use in any environment. Additionally, EDWARDS HT16B pump is backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty and support, ensuring that customers are guaranteed the highest quality products and services. With its wide range of features, HT16B pump is an excellent choice for any industrial setting. It is easy to transport, requires minimal maintenance, and provides superior performance and reliability.
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