Used EDWARDS iF-1800 #159614 for sale

ID: 159614
Dry vacuum pumps, 208V.
EDWARDS iF-1800 is a high-performance, compact liquid-ring vacuum pump that is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. This pump is specifically designed for unattended operation and is engineered with advanced technology to ensure reliable performance in both continuous and intermittent operating modes. EDWARDS IF1800 is a liquid-ring vacuum pump without internal flushing, meaning that it does not reduce pump performance in the event of a vacuum leak. This provides increased stability and reliability in the event of a vacuum leak, as there is no need to re-install the pump or waste time flushing it. IF 1800 delivers a maximum capacity of 52 m^3/h, and is capable of reaching a vacuum pressure up to 33mbar. It also has a wide speed range—from 1000 rpm to 3500 rpm—which can be adjusted to achieve optimal performance in any particular application. The low rotational speed of the pump produces low noise levels, and its low vibration reduces the amount of sound transmission through the structure, making it well-suited for use in applications where noise control is important. The large internal diameter of the pump enables a higher throughput of air, meaning that it can cycle through more air then traditional pumps in the same amount of time. IF-1800 is also equipped with a front intake, making it easier to install in tight or confined spaces. EDWARDS IF 1800 also features onsite maintenance benefits. The large, easily-accessible parts allow for simple maintenance with minimal downtime, and the corrosion-resistant finish provides protection from humidity and other sources of corrosion. As well, the flow geometry of the pump has been designed to minimize the possibility of liquid entrapment. Overall, IF1800 is an effective, reliable, and low-maintenance vacuum pump well-suited for industrial applications. It is designed to provide consistent results under a wide range of conditions and has advanced features that make it ideal for a variety of industrial uses.
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