Used EDWARDS iF-1800 #174713 for sale

ID: 174713
Dry vacuum pump.
EDWARDS iF-1800 is a high-performance, industrial-grade vacuum pump that uses the most advanced technology for an efficient, reliable and clean pumping process. Designed for maximum efficiency, EDWARDS IF1800 is a dry process vacuum pump that allows for maintenance free operation and minimal downtime. It features the newest EDWARDS MTE-775 digital controller, offering user optimized performance and precise control and monitoring of the vacuum process. This advanced and innovative design ensures stable process operation and ultimate performance allowing for extensive operational flexibility. IF 1800 features a low vibration, oil-free operation that ensures an environmentally-friendly operation and eliminates additional costs for maintenance and parts. Its sophisticated inlet guide vanes, gas ballast and acoustic enclosure provides noise reduction for quieter operation and an isolated oil system prevents cross contamination of lubricants between the vacuum and seal. IF-1800 is available in COAX, Side and Bottom outlet configurations and offers a number of optional accessories such as in-line filters and temperature monitoring. IF1800 has a maximum operating temperature of +50°C and a maximum pressure of 133mbar. Its efficient motor offers unparalleled durability, resulting in higher performance and a longer service life. This robust design is versatile enough to increase gas flow as needed allowing for optimized use across a variety of applications. Its innovative design allows for easy installation, maintenance and support, resulting in improved efficiency and reliability. In addition, EDWARDS IF 1800 is Energy Star qualified, providing you with energy savings and backed by warranty. In summary, EDWARDS iF-1800 is an ideal, innovative and reliable pump providing various features and options to meet any application requirements.
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