Used EDWARDS iF-1800 #174714 for sale

ID: 174714
Dry vacuum pump.
EDWARDS iF-1800 pump is a high-performance rotary sliding vane pump designed to handle high-viscosity liquids. It has a maximum flow rate of 2800 liters per hour and is capable of pressures up to 0.68 bar (10.5 psig). This pump is well-suited for a variety of applications, including cooling and lubrication systems, fuel delivery, flowing agent pumps, and water systems. EDWARDS IF1800 offers superior suction performance and high efficiency levels due to its advanced design and construction. The unit is made with a robust cast iron housing and ends, as well as a dry running ceramic carbon/graphite rotary sliding vane assembly. This combination of materials in its construction makes it both reliable and durable, providing reliable service in challenging working environments. In addition to its highly durable construction, IF 1800 also offers superior performance capabilities. It has a wide operating temperature range of between -20°C and 90°C, meaning it can be safely used in both low and high temperature applications with equally reliable performance. Furthermore, this pump features a reinforced sealing system built with a range of materials, providing excellent resistance to water and other contaminants, while simultaneously providing a leak-free operation. IF1800 is self-priming, meaning that it can start pumping without a pre-fill, as well as easily maintaining a pre-filled volume after a given stop condition. Such convenience is combined with a simple maintenance and service requirements thanks to its durable design, which includes minimal frictional losses during operation and reliable low vibration levels. EDWARDS IF 1800 pump comes with various accessories, depending on the user's needs, such as various heating and cooling systems, pressure and temperature controllers, and different peripheral connections. Its flexibility makes this pump an ideal solution for a variety of applications and industries, such as drinking water, food processing, and industrial cooling systems, among other applications.
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