Used EDWARDS iF-1800 #174717 for sale

ID: 174717
Dry vacuum pump.
EDWARDS iF-1800 is a contactless, high performance pump designed to provide a clean and efficient method of producing high quality vacuum products. Designed with intuitively enhanced controls, EDWARDS IF1800 features an innovative direct drive magnetic suspension technology that eliminates the need for seals or bearings to ensure long-term durable performance, as well as a unique integrated filter system to ensure clean air intake. Additionally, the pump offers a wide range of operating capabilities, including continuous operation. IF 1800 is a unique single stage, oil-free rotary vane pump that offers an exceptionally low noise level of just 42 dB(A) and a maximum duty cycle of up to 100%. Featuring a service interval of 2,000 hours, IF1800 can reach an impressive ultimate pressure of 25 mbar. Its performance is further supported by its ability to achieve a pumping capacity of 40 CFM at 0.5 mbar. Integrated with iF-1800's robust design and framework, the easy to understand LCD display maintains regular contact with users, displaying information and allowing control over operating parameters. It offers a lockable front panel for extra convenience, as well as an oil fill indicator and indication for filter maintenance. The pump is made of highly corrosion resistant aluminum components, making it built to last. EDWARDS IF 1800 is an efficient and low maintenance vacuum pump ideal for a vast range of applications ranging from medical and pharmaceuticals, to laboratories and material processing. Its oil-free design, robust construction and integrated filter make it one of the most reliable and efficient vacuum pumps available.
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