Used EDWARDS iF30K #9067979 for sale

ID: 9067979
Vacuum pumps.
EDWARDS iF30K is a high performance, vacuum pump manufactured by EDWARDS, Inc. It is designed to provide a reliable, quiet and efficient operation for a variety of industrial applications including water and wastewater, scientific research, process manufacturing, and even medical laboratories. IF30K is powered by a 5 horsepower, 2-stage motor and uses a centrifugal displacement compression mechanism. It is capable of delivering up to 35 cubic foot per minute of vacuum flow, with vacuum levels up to a full 30 kilopascals. This high performance pump is also designed to minimize noise and vibration while in operation, allowing it to be used in sensitive or restricted environments. EDWARDS iF30K is constructed out of aluminum and stainless steel, providing both a durable and corrosion resistant structure. The base of the pump is made up of a rigid sheet which has been designed to provide maximum rigidity and stiffness while also improving the pumps overall performance. The base also features an inlet and outlet port for ease of installation and operation. Also included is a pressure switch which allows the user to set the desired pump pressure and is designed to automatically shut down the pump in the event the pressure exceeds the set level. IF30K features a built-in oil and gas system which is designed to keep the pump adequately lubricated and to minimize the amount of time needed for maintenance. The integrated oil separator maintains the purity of the lubricating oil and captures any particles that may accumulate. The pump also features a simple maintenance procedure which includes an easy-to-follow guide on changing oil and flushing the system. In addition, the pump is equipped with an alarm system which allows the user to quickly know when the pump needs maintenance. Overall, EDWARDS iF30K is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial applications due to its performance, durability, and low-maintenance requirements. It is capable of providing reliable and efficient performance with a lasting long life.
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