Used EDWARDS IGX100M #161752 for sale

ID: 161752
Dry booster pumps.
EDWARDS IGX100M is a reliable and energy efficient vacuum pump ideal for use in controlled industrial and laboratory environments. The integrated Intelligent Gas Expansion (IGX) system on EDWARDS IGX 100M allows for the full range of operating pressure, from atmosphere to vacuum, to be controlled with unparalleled ease and precision. IGX100M is a compact and lightweight design that offers a variety of features for maximum flexibility. These features include an innovative field serviceable bearing system, an intuitive and user friendly interface, a large volume filter separator, and a full range of accessories to suit any application. IGX 100M utilizes a four-stage, multi-jet oil-sealed rotary vane design that yields maximum efficiency, allowing it to reach the goal of both high advanced compression ratios and low ultimate pressures with minimal power consumption. Its high operating temperature capability further enables its robust performance. The impressive power to weight ratio of EDWARDS IGX100M makes it a great fit for a variety of industries and applications, ranging from laboratory use to industrial manufacturing. EDWARDS IGX 100M has an engrossing number of built-in safety features, including a scavenging jet for reducing oil mist contamination, and an automatic shut-off circuit which instantly disengages the pump when an oil-level alarm is detected. The control panel of IGX100M offers a range of options for customization, providing users with the ability to set up timers for pump startups and shutdowns, adjust the maximum pressure for various applications, and monitor a variety of pump parameters on a digital display. Additionally, IGX 100M includes a programmable maintenance mode feature, which automatically lubricates the system while the pump is on standby. EDWARDS IGX100M is an impressive piece of equipment that offers a plethora of features and performance capabilities. Its user friendly interface and its array of safety features make it a highly desirable choice for laboratories and industrial facilities, while its exceptional power-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal choice for a range of applications. With its high reliability, low operating costs, and long service life, EDWARDS IGX 100M proves to be an effective and economical way to maintain a variety of sensitive processes.
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