Used EDWARDS IGX100M #9091039 for sale

ID: 9091039
Dry booster pump.
EDWARDS IGX100M is an ideal choice for advanced pumping needs. It is a single stage, oil-free, dry scroll pump, that incorporates innovative oil-free technology with an integral non-contacting rotary vaned scroll drive. The unique pump design provides extensive efficiency, high control accuracy, and superior reliability. With its simple design, EDWARDS IGX 100M is a low maintenance and easy to use unit, providing long-term dependable performance and improved efficiency. IGX100M offers leading-edge technology with a powerful and intuitive electronic control panel. The pump can be programmed using the intuitive menus at the touch of a button, while advanced diagnostic features offer ultimate control and total process security. With a range of speeds, power settings, and functions, IGX 100M can handle many applications including vacuum and gas supply, and pressure boost applications. The advanced design of EDWARDS IGX100M provides high levels of reliability, efficiency, and accurate control. With its unique oil-free technology, the pump eliminates the need for regular oil changes, reducing maintenance and operation costs. EDWARDS IGX 100M is the ideal solution for demanding applications, providing superior efficiencies over conventional belt-driven scroll pumps. IGX100M features built-in safety features such as automatic overload and overpressure protection. A built-in Safety Management System (SMS) provides added safety and performance assurance by monitoring the pump's status and alerting users of any issue. IGX 100M provides accuracy and repeatability up to 1.5%, while the high-performance scroll drive is designed for high-end industrial applications, with continuous rated operating pressures up to 40bar (580psi). EDWARDS IGX100M offers a range of features such as low levels of liquid contamination, low noise operation, and long lifetime/extended maintenance intervals. EDWARDS IGX 100M is designed to ensure reliable operation and extended product life in even the most challenging environments. The pump is certified for use in hazardous environments and is designed to meet and exceed international standards such as ISO, CE, and RoHS. With its advanced design, reliability, and features, IGX100M is the ideal choice for any advanced pumping application.
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