Used EDWARDS IGX100N #9072180 for sale

ID: 9072180
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS IGX100N is a high performance, single stage, oil-free, Scroll Vacuum Pump. With minimal vibration and low noise, EDWARDS IGX/100N is designed for reliable operation in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. IGX100N can achieve high vacuum levels from 16 mbar absolute and is constructed of durable stainless steel, for added long-term reliability. IGX/100N is equipped with an advanced Stepping Motor Drive, which allows precise speed control. The motor controller helps minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs with a "speed tracking" algorithm that enables the driver to make small changes in speed while the system is operating. This pump is designed for high energy efficiency, with an industry-leading efficiency ratio of up to 84%. The pump also decouples flow from electrical pressure, minimizing power consumption while generating a high flow rate. EDWARDS IGX100N features an internal surge resistant air filter, which removes impurities and maximizes gas throughput. The integrated dry lubrication system helps protect the pump from wear and tear due to prolonged operation, while the reduced leakage rate reduces the risk of contamination from oil or vapours. EDWARDS IGX/100N's simple design and small footprint make it easy to install and maintain. The built in coatings and dry lubricants help reduce maintenance costs and ensure a long-term reliable operation. IGX100N also comes with a range of optional accessories, including a cooling fan and remote control unit. In conclusion, IGX/100N Scroll Vacuum Pump is a highly reliable and well-designed product that offers efficient and reliable operation for numerous commercial and industrial applications. The advanced motor controller enables precise speed control, while the energy efficient design helps keep running costs low. The robust construction and dry lubrication system ensures a long-term and trouble-free operation.
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