Used EDWARDS iH1000 MK5 #9068332 for sale

iH1000 MK5
ID: 9068332
Dry vacuum pumps.
EDWARDS iH1000 MK5 is a cutting-edge industrial pump designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency, durability, and reliability. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has an impressive array of features, making it an excellent choice for many demanding liquid processing applications. EDWARDS IH 1000 MK5 can handle flows up to 162 Gpm and delivery head up to 250 feet and is equipped with a three-phase electric motor ranging from 7.5-100 HP. It is highly efficient, capable of delivering up to 85% hydraulic efficiency, and offers low vibration and noise levels for optimal performance and operation. The pump is designed with a planetary gearbox and extra-large water seals to ensure a tight, leak-proof seal, ensuring maximum protection against grime and other materials entering the pump. This also eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, allowing the pump to operate consistently at peak efficiency. In terms of safety, iH1000 MK5 has a built-in motor brake, automatic recirculation valve, and a self-adjusting thrust bearing pad to help protect the pump from overstressing and other damage. The built-in electronic control panel offers easy monitoring and control, as well as emergency shut down options. The pump can be connected to a variety of systems for complete, automatic integration. It is also equipped with a specialized inlet diffuser to improve energy efficiency and prolong the motor's life. IH 1000 MK5 is an ideal choice for many demanding liquid processing applications, offering outstanding performance and reliability while minimizing maintenance costs and downtime.
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