Used EDWARDS iH1000 #165042 for sale

ID: 165042
EDWARDS iH1000 is a rotary vane pump designed for use with both air and liquid applications. This heavy-duty pump is ideal for use in industrial, chemical and petrochemical applications. It is designed to deliver high performance and reliability, even in the toughest operating environments. EDWARDS IH 1000 features a robust housing that is constructed from aluminum and PTFE-coated steel. This allows it to be used with higher operating pressures and withstand temperatures up to 160°F (70°C). The housing also features an integrated and corrosion-resistant inlet cover, as well as several ports for connections. Additionally, the inlet cover includes an anti-vortex design to reduce the risk of noise and oil-carrying particles. Inside iH1000 is a simple and robust design featuring a single-stage, single-ended, four-vane rotor. This construction makes it suitable for both clean and gas-end service, and it is designed to run reliably at both low and high speeds. The rotor is dynamically balanced to minimize potential vibrations and ensure quiet and efficient operation. IH 1000 is designed to be simple and easy to maintain. The permanent magnet motor is capable of being easily replaced with no special tools required. It also has a highly accessible oil fill/drain port and scavenge line for quick oil changes and maintenance. Overall, EDWARDS iH1000 is an ideal choice for industrial air and liquid applications requiring high performance and reliability. Its robust aluminum and PTFE-coated steel housing is designed to withstand tough operating environments, and the single-stage, single-ended, four-vane rotor ensures efficient and quiet operation. Furthermore, its permanent magnet motor is easy to replace and its oil fill/drain port and scavenge line are highly accessible.
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