Used EDWARDS iH1000 #9099640 for sale

ID: 9099640
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iH1000 variable speed pump is a highly efficient, maintenance-free pumping solution for a wide range of applications. This pump is capable of producing flow up to 6,378 liters/minute (1,672 US gallons/minute) at a maximum working pressure of 17.2 bars (250 psi). EDWARDS IH 1000 is powered by a single-phase, electric motor that operates at speeds up to 2,200rpm and can operate on either 380 or 460 VAC. Furthermore, the pump utilizes a 'cryocool' motor, which works with the patented EDWARDS Clean-Cool Technology to reduce noise and heat levels while providing efficient and reliable operation. IH1000 is designed to provide superior control and reliability. The pump features a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controller, which allows the operator to easily change the speed and pressure in order to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, IH 1000 is equipped with a 'self-priming' valve that allows for easy starting of the pump and eliminates the need for manual initialization. EDWARDS iH1000 is equipped with advanced design features designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. These features include an Oil-Lubricated Shaft Sealing Technology, which provides superior leakage prevention and reduced maintenance downtime. The pump also has a built-in thermal overload protection system, which helps to prevent motor overheating. Additionally, EDWARDS IH 1000 is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials that are able to handle harsh operating environments, including environments with high temperatures, humidity, or dust. IH1000 is an reliable and efficient centrifugal pump designed to maximize efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The pump is equipped with advanced design features and certified components that allow it to meet the stringent requirements of many applications. IH 1000's compact size and lightweight design make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, while its single-phase motor and variable frequency drive controller provide excellent control and reliability. Furthermore, its oil-lubricated shaft sealing technology eliminates the need for regular maintenance, further reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
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