Used EDWARDS iH1800 HTX #9066818 for sale

iH1800 HTX
ID: 9066818
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS iH1800 HTX is a high-performance, induction-type, close-coupled pump designed to deliver the utmost in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Specifically engineered for trouble-free operation, EDWARDS IH1800HTX features a robust die-cast aluminum construction and a trusted NEMA motor with adjustable speed control. It features a configuration that allows for a compact, space-saving design, and delivers a steady, reliable performance even when dealing with more challenging fluids and conditions. IH-1800 HTX employs a three-stage rotor design, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The rotor is engineered to balance maximum performance with energy efficiency, with reduced loading and audible noise levels, and the construction offers optimum durability due to special bearing designs and a sustained life. This in turn results in reduced operating and maintenance costs, and EDWARDS IH 1800 HTX can even be reconfigured for a different type of application if needed. EDWARDS IH-1800 HTX also offers advanced protection technology to prevent liquid leakage and protect against overrunning. Optimised for high-temperature performance, this technology can be used to reduce the risk of overheating and axle bearing failure, increasing the system's lifetime reliability. The pump's efficient motor also allows for easy speed alteration and adjustment, and features high-level protection against unbalanced loading. One of IH 1800 HTX's most impressive features is its ability to self-adjust to any pressure gradient without requiring manual intervention. This maximises efficiency and minimises energy losses, ensuring the pump's resilience to a wide range of system conditions. As with all EDWARDS products, IH1800HTX has been tested to meet industry-specific requirements, so users can be assured of its reliability and peak performance.
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