Used EDWARDS iH1800 M5 #161750 for sale

iH1800 M5
ID: 161750
EDWARDS iH 1800 M5 is a durable and reliable rotary pump which has been expertly designed to meet the needs of the modern industrial setting. The pump is highly engineered, utilizing advanced components and materials to ensure optimal performance. IH 1800 M5 features an advanced and robust construction, providing excellent reliability and safety features. The robust, industrial grade construction of the pump ensures maximum resistance to abrasive elements and wear, providing a long lifetime even in harsh environments. The single-piece base plate construction also helps to eliminate leaks, reducing the number of moving parts and resulting in improved reliability. EDWARDS iH 1800 M5 is powered by a highly efficient, thermally protected motor which ensures quiet, steady operation that is compatible with a wide variety of industrial applications. The pump is capable of reaching speeds up to 1800 feet per minute and is equipped with pressure activated leakproof seals to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. The integral differential pressure switch enables remote control of the pump, allowing for better control over speed and other parameters. IH 1800 M5 also includes an integrated pressure relief valve for added safety, as well as an optional top hat style dust filter for improved dust resistance in industrial applications. The pump's customizable options include a range of low pulse vibration options, adjustable speed from 450 to 1800 ft./minute, oil-free seal options, variable frequency drives, and much more. Overall, EDWARDS iH 1800 M5 is an ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Its advanced engineering and robust construction provide optimal reliability and performance, while its customizable options and advanced safety features make it a great choice for any business.
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