Used EDWARDS iH1800 #122603 for sale

ID: 122603
Pump, 208V, 1060 cfm.
EDWARDS iH1800 is a powerful, reliable and efficient vacuum pump that is widely used in a variety of industrial and medical applications. This robust, durable and versatile pump is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of performance and features a range of features that make it one of the most popular in its class. EDWARDS IH 1800 operates using the oil-sealed rotary vane design, which provides a reliable compression and seizure-resistant performance. This pump can be used in a variety of configurations, ranging from single and double stage setups to complete integrated pumping systems. Suitable materials and components are chosen to ensure optimal performance and efficiency throughout, and it is able to achieve a vacuum level of 6x10-4 Torr with a pumping speed of up to 1800 liters per minute. IH1800 is equipped with a range of safety features and diagnostic tools to ensure optimal reliability and protect from potential hazards. These include temperature monitoring, a built-in cooling system with high and low temperature alarms, and a pressure-sensing console for automatic shut off should an issue arise. This pump has an area of access and useability in the main area, which makes it an easy to maintain and use product. This allows users to access the pump components without needing to dismantle or remove the unit, while features such as external lubrication points further improve the ease of upkeep. Additional accessories such as a range of application-specific absorber tanks, silencers, a booster option, and more can further extend the potential operations of IH 1800. In conclusion, EDWARDS iH1800 is a powerful and robust vacuum pump that has been designed to deliver a maximum flow rate of 1800 liters per minute, while remaining safe and reliable in multiple configurations. Its easy to maintain design and range of accessories make it the ideal choice for many industrial, medical, and research applications.
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