Used EDWARDS iH1800 #9067929 for sale

ID: 9067929
EDWARDS iH1800 is a high-performance dry-vacuum pump designed for a range of industrial applications including metallurgy, chemical etching, thin film deposition, and cryopumping. EDWARDS IH 1800 boasts a single-stage diaphragm design and highly efficient SiC/AlN ceramic seal technology, allowing it to deliver a peak pumping speed of up to 1800 liters per minute (LPM). This powerful pump is capable of depleting pressures up to 1x10-2 mbar (hPa) when used in tandem with EDWARDS eV 300 Controllers. Its advanced design also makes it one of the most energy-efficient solutions on the market, with typical power consumption of only 300 watts. IH1800 features a robust aluminum body that can withstand a wide range of working environments, making it suitable for use in industrial settings. It has a wide variety of features designed to reduce overheads and improve user experience, including a large internal buffer tank for improved efficiency and a choice of mounting and connection options. It also features a range of safety measures, including overpressure valve and a safety pressure regulator, designed to prevent potential damage. IH 1800 is the ideal solution for those requiring a powerful, reliable and energy-efficient vacuum pump. Its advanced diaphragm design, combined with the use of SiC/AlN ceramic seal technology, ensures optimal performance even in the toughest of working environments. With low power consumption, extensive safety features and a range of mounting options, this pump offers cost savings and greater user-friendliness.
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