Used EDWARDS iH1800 #9068655 for sale

ID: 9068655
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS iH1800 is a reliable, high-performance vacuum pump designed to meet the modern needs of the laboratory and medical industries. EDWARDS IH 1800 is an advanced, reliable and high-performance single-stage rotary vane pump that is ideal for many applications such as, but not limited to, DNA isolation, degassing liquids, microscopy, industrial processes, food and beverage processing, and medical applications. IH1800 is designed to provide the highest levels of performance while still being easy to maintain and cost-effective. This industrial-grade pump is designed to meet the demands of today's modern laboratory and medical laboratories. It has a maximum ultimate pressure of 75 Torr and an air displacement capacity of up to 17 CFM. The pump is also UL listed and has an advanced motor design to ensure efficient and noise-free operation. IH 1800 has a robust and corrosion resistant aluminum housing. The housing is designed to protect the internal components from damage and ensure the long-term reliability of the pump. Additionally, the pump is self-cooling and offers temperature protection and overload protection. This great protection ensures a longer life and improved safety while using EDWARDS iH1800. EDWARDS IH 1800 comes with two versions: direct drive and belt-drive. Both versions feature a vibration-free design that allows for smooth running even when running continuously. Additionally, the direct drive version offers an adjustable speed range from 150 to 2800 rom and a wide range of accessories for maximum flexibility. IH1800 also features a reliable integrated controller with diagnostics, real-time display of speed and pressure, and an inbuilt overtemperature protection system. The pump is also equipped with a wide range of optional accessories to permit for easy link-up with an external control system. Moreover, the pump can be used in multiple configurations: including bath and oil applications. To conclude, IH 1800 is an incredibly reliable and advanced vacuum pump designed for laboratories, medical, and industrial industries. It is equipped with many features to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, and flexibility while providing reliable and long-lasting operation. With its adjustable speed and wide range of accessories, EDWARDS iH1800 is an ideal choice for many applications.
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