Used EDWARDS iH1800 #9088754 for sale

ID: 9088754
Vintage: 2006
Dry vacuum pump Used with H2, O2, and N2 only Currently de-installed and crated 2006 vintage.
EDWARDS iH1800 is a high-performance liquid ring pump designed for demanding industrial applications. This pump features a robust and reliable design that uses a rotor and impeller to produce a vacuum and provide reliable flow of high-viscosity liquids. EDWARDS IH 1800 offers a wide range of technical features such as a rotating rotor that provides efficient operation, a corrosion-resistant construction, and a variable speed drive for relief from vibration and pressure pulsations. IH1800 also offers excellent serviceability, allowing for quick and easy maintenance. IH 1800 pump features a liquid-ring construction, which enables it to be used in both wet and dry applications. The unique design of the liquid-ring offers improved working efficiency and excellent running conditions. In addition, the liquid-ring ensures less downtime due to wear while providing improved suction properties. EDWARDS iH1800 is designed to offer superior levels of performance. It is constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron housing for increased durability and a chemical-resistant sleeve that minimizes contamination of the internal parts of the pump. EDWARDS IH 1800 offers high reliability and a long working life thanks to its efficient operation. IH1800 can handle high-temperature applications and is suitable for operation over a wide range of temperatures from -10°C to +220°C. In addition, the pump is also equipped with a close-tolerance cutting ring that protects the impeller and expels lubricator oil. This helps IH 1800 maintain a constant level of performance and provides excellent energy efficiency. EDWARDS iH1800 pump also features an in-line design with direct drive. This ensures that there is no need for external gearboxes or belts and the resulting reduction in complexity makes the pump easier to install, service, and maintain. The pump can be operated in either direction and offers manual or motor operation. EDWARDS IH 1800 is equipped with a number of additional features, including a pressure-activated switch for automatic start-up and stop functions, an adjustable thermostatic warning device, and overload protection for the motor. IH1800 is also widely compatible with a variety of mounting systems, making it suitable for use in a range of industrial applications and settings.
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