Used EDWARDS iH1800SC #9066819 for sale

ID: 9066819
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iH1800SC is an advanced-level pump perfect for use in critical and demanding industrial applications. It is a heavy duty, cryogenic pump capable of pumping a variety of cryogenic liquids, such as oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. It is designed and built with an emphasis on safety, making it an ideal choice for hazardous areas. IH1800SC model features a total displacement of 5020cc per revolution, and provides speeds up to 4200 revolutions per minute (RPM) and pressures up to 50 mbar. The pump's design is optimized for require minimal pressurization and reduced noise levels without compromising performance. It also features adjustable knobs and an easy-to-navigate interface to allow for easy adjustments and pressure regulation. EDWARDS iH1800SC is constructed with stainless steel components to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The corrosion-resistant pump case helps prevent leaks and is also designed for easy maintenance. Additionally, the preassembled motor and components allow for quick and easy installation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. IH1800SC ensures maximum safety and containment with tight joint fittings and a baffled flow chamber to reduce turbulence and ensure high efficiency. Additionally, it boasts a low vibration design to reduce vibration and noise levels, making it perfect for sensitive operating environments. In summary, EDWARDS iH1800SC is a reliable and powerful cryogenic pump suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Its heavy duty construction, superior safety, and excellent noise reduction make it an ideal choice for demanding and hazardous environments. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant construction ensures maximum durability and easy maintenance.
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