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ID: 161747
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EDWARDS iH600 is a heavy duty industrial centrifugal pump specifically designed to provide the highest possible levels of dependable performance in a wide range of demanding pumping applications. These pumps are manufactured by EDWARDS and are capable of delivering flows of up to 4200 gallons per minute (gpm) and a maximum pressure of 125 psi. EDWARDS IH 600 is equipped with an energy-efficient direct-drive motor that includes an adjustable speed drive (ASD) for more precise control. It also features a convenient NEMA 6 pole junction box for easy installation and service. The integrated internal recirculating cooling system can be used to keep the pump at an optimal temperature, allowing it to handle higher flow rates. The pump is also designed to be lightweight and durable, with a high-density resin construction to help prevent corrosion and wear. Additionally, the pump is outfitted with a rugged cast iron impeller and large radial thrust bearing for extended service life. IH600 is equipped with a variety of integrated protection measures to ensure its long-term operational reliability. It includes motor protection options to help prevent motor overload, as well as a leak detection system to alert the user of any unplanned water leaks. Additionally, the pump is capable of monitoring and precisely controlling pressure levels, making it suitable for a variety of pressurization systems. IH 600 is designed to be an easy to install and maintain pump, with few maintenance requirements. It has a simple-to-access, leak-proof pressure relief valve that can be baffled and adjusted without disassembly. The impeller is designed to be easy to change without the need to dismantle the pump, reducing the potential for operational failures. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a self-cleaning, non-clogging filter basket that can be easily accessed for maintenance. Overall, EDWARDS iH600 is an incredibly reliable and robust industrial centrifugal pump that is suitable for a wide range of applications. With its energy-efficient motor, adjustable speed drive, superior protection measures and low maintenance requirements, EDWARDS IH 600 is the perfect choice for demanding pumping applications.
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