Used EDWARDS iH600 #9065161 for sale

ID: 9065161
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iH600 is a pump designed for reliable, cost-effective, and accurate operation in industrial and commercial applications. It is an ideal choice for pumping, transferring, and distributing a wide range of fluid media, including water, detergent, and other clear and non-corrosive liquids. With a unique, modular design, EDWARDS IH 600 reduces installation time and maintenance costs while providing an efficient and cost-effective fluid delivery system. IH600 features maintenance-free seals and is designed with an oversized motor for superior motor stability. In addition, IH 600 has an integrated mechanical seal, utilizing a oil-lubricated radial thrust bearing and the latest in floating ball bearings for maximum protection from contaminants. EDWARDS iH600 has a robust, stainless steel housing that is resistant to rust and corrosion and provides protection from the environment and contained fluids. An integrated, interchangeable venturi is designed to create an effective suction and pumping action at both low and high pressure, allowing the pump to maintain desired conditions even in changing scenarios. EDWARDS IH 600 is also equipped with an adjustable speed control feature, allowing the operator to control the flow rate of the liquids for optimal performance. A built-in pressure relief valve is included to prevent over-pressurization and potential rupture of connected piping. IH600 is powered by an efficient, three-phase, twin-cylinder, hydraulic motor, allowing it to perform with power and efficiency. It is designed to operate at up to 600 psi, but can be operated at lower pressure levels in specific applications. IH 600 offers superior performance with a maximum flow rate of up to 600 gallons per hour, and is the ideal choice for food-grade, hygienic, and abrasive applications. Its integrated PNP-level control system is designed to ensure effective and efficient flow development and pressure regulation. The highly versatile design of EDWARDS iH600 allows it to be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage processing, paint and coatings, fuel transfer, oil and gas, and petrochemical applications. Additionally, EDWARDS IH 600 features a unique, single-key selection memory system that allows the operator to switch between multiple fluid delivery states during operation. IH600 also features advanced safety features such as pressure relief, flow assurance, temperature monitoring, and water level alarms to protect the device, fluid media, and personnel. Its easy-to-use diagnostics report troubleshooting data is a valuable tool to both operators and maintenance personnel.
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