Used EDWARDS iH600 #9079376 for sale

ID: 9079376
Dry pumps 2004 vintage.
EDWARDS iH600 pump is a powerful and reliable vacuum pump that is designed for high performance industrial applications. It is equipped with an adjustable pumping speed that allows it to reach vacuum levels up to 0.025 Torr, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of use cases. This oil sealed rotary vane pump features a single stage, low noise design that is housed in a durable, stainless steel housing. EDWARDS IH 600 is capable of providing a steady, efficient supply of vacuum levels, as it is equipped with an advanced built-in safety system. The pump also utilizes a non-lubricated carbon-graphite rotor, which allows the pump to operate without the need for oil changes. IH600 is reliable, low-maintenance and energy efficient. It has an automatic regenerative Air-Cooler System which allows it to maintain a constant temperature while providing operating efficiency that is up to 50% higher than traditional pumps. It also operates at sound levels as low as 50 dBA, which allows for near silence in the operating environment. IH 600 is reliable, low-maintenance and energy efficient. It is built with an integral gas ballast and anti-suckback valves, providing continuous and reliable operation. It also features oil mist eliminators which filter out particulates and help to keep the pump working and operating at peak performance. The pump also features a large, easily accessible oil fill port and integrated oil level gauge, which allows the operator to quickly and easily determine when a change in oil is necessary. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an adjustable inlet choke, giving the user greater control of the desired vacuum level. EDWARDS iH600 is ideal for a variety of industrial applications, and is capable of providing a constant, reliable supply of vacuum. Its low-noise design, automatic cooling system, and low-maintenance design make it a top choice among industrial vacuum pumps.
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