Used EDWARDS iH600 #9088750 for sale

ID: 9088750
Dry pump Currently de-installed.
EDWARDS iH600 is an advanced hydrocarbon dry pump available from EDWARDS High Vacuum Technology. It has been designed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the industrial, chemical processing, and materials processing industries. EDWARDS IH 600 features a standard single-stage dual-stage configuration with a helium displacement capacity of 600 liters per second. This enables it to reduce the ultimate total pressure to sub-10-3 mbar without the need for additional backing pumps. The pump also features a single-stage water pumping system, making it ideal for use in a variety of environmental conditions. IH600 is designed to operate at high temperatures of up to 400 °C and offers a high resistance to thermal shock. The removable oil mist separator further enhances its performance, making it an ideal choice for majority operations. The flexibility of IH 600 also makes it suitable for a wide range of applications from semiconductor manufacturing to industrial process control. EDWARDS iH600 also comes with an energy efficient electric motor that is capable of delivering long life and low maintenance costs. Additionally, this electric motor is equipped with a built-in temperature controlled shut-off mechanism which ensures the motor is not over-driven and provides over-temperature protection. EDWARDS IH 600 is equipped with a variety of monitoring and control features to ensure its safe and effective operation. For instance, the LED alarm system allows the operator to identify any abnormal operating conditions while the built-in pressure measuring system monitors the pump pressure. IH600 is also equipped with a water trap, which is designed to reduce the risk of water damage to the pump. Overall, IH 600 is a reliable and efficient hydrocarbon dry pump designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Its design and features ensure it is well-suited to a variety of environmental conditions while providing a long-term, reliable performance.
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