Used EDWARDS iH600 #9091044 for sale

ID: 9091044
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iH600 is a highly efficient and reliable vacuum pump designed for industrial and laboratory applications. It is a liquid ring design pump, providing a guaranteed performance of up to 600 m3/hr. The pump is capable of pumping air and other gases as well as water vapor and other vapor-laden liquids. It is also designed to accept a variety of port sizes, enabling it to be used for general vacuum applications and in specific industries. EDWARDS IH 600 is composed of a single stage, liquid ring vacuum pump. This pump's operation relies on the principles of centrifugal force applied to an inwardly directed flow rotating at high speed, to create a low pressure zone. This pressure zone allows for the transfer of gas from the lumen to the discharge manifold. Its single stage design ensures an efficient flow rate, while reducing complexity and the need for maintenance. The advanced mechanical design of iH600 has been designed to provide a high level of structural integrity and extend its service life. It also helps to reduce vibration and noise during operation. IH 600 is also equipped with a range of advanced features, including a fully integrated control system, which enables the unit to be optimized for maximum efficiency and performance. It is also designed to be easily integrated into existing systems, providing both variable speed and pressure control. In addition, the pump is fitted with a range of safety and monitoring features, including active temperature, overload and leak detection, ensuring reliable and safe operation. EDWARDS iH600 is also equipped with special seals and gaskets, designed to ensure a leak-free operation. It also offers the option of a wide range of fan options, capable of producing both high volume and low sound operation. The pump is also able to pre-fill the vacuum chamber, further ensuring optimal operating conditions, as well as allowing for rapid start-up. This also greatly reduces the need for manual evacuation, saving time and labor costs. Overall, EDWARDS IH 600 is an extremely efficient and reliable pump, designed for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Its advanced design offers reliability and efficiency, and its wide range of features allow it to be easily integrated into existing systems. Additionally, its maintenance needs are minimal, making it a viable option for most industrial applications.
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