Used EDWARDS iH80 #122130 for sale

ID: 122130
Vintage: 2010
Pump 2010 vintage.
EDWARDS iH80 pump is a robust, high performance pump designed to provide reliable and efficient pumping of fluids across a wide range of industrial applications. This pump is a versatile and economical choice for many businesses, making it a popular choice for chemical and other industrial processes. EDWARDS IH 80 boasts a range of impressive features. One of the most prominent of these is its ability to operate in aggressive environments such as strong acids and hazardous materials, making it an ideal solution for handling hazardous, abrasive, and viscous materials. Additionally, the pump features a variety of options such as different materials of construction and a wide range of port connection options, allowing users to tailor the pump to suit their needs exactly. IH-80 is highly reliable, thanks to its robust construction and reliable manufacturing standards. The pump also has a number of safety features such as cavitation protection, over-pressure protection, and a range of failure alarms, designed to keep operators and equipment safe at all times. IH80 is an efficient and power-saving pump, capable of handling both low and high flow rates. It offers a wide range of speeds, allowing it to adapt to the fluid's need for pressure and flow. The pump also makes use of a unique "Vane-Slider" design to minimize vibration and reduce energy costs. To further increase efficiency, EDWARDS IH-80 also has a range of hydraulic options. These include variable frequency drive (VFD) control so that the pump can be adjusted for maximum energy efficiency, as well as a soft start/stop feature for increased pump stability and longevity. IH 80 is also suitable for integration with external control systems, making it easy to increase efficiency by controlling other pumps or machinery that is operating in parallel. This integration also makes it easier to monitor the pump and its performance in real-time. Overall, EDWARDS iH80 is a reliable, efficient, and power-saving pump suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Its robust construction, versatile features, and efficiency options make it an ideal choice for many businesses.
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