Used EDWARDS iH80 #146589 for sale

ID: 146589
Dry pumps Exhaust velocity: 1720 L/min Oil: 1.4kg.
EDWARDS iH80 is an advanced rotary vane vacuum pump designed for high efficiency operation. It has numerous features that make it ideally suited to many applications such as medical, industrial, process, and research. EDWARDS IH 80 has direct drive induction motor and high efficiency slide vanes that combine to give the pump a maximum air displacement of 50 CFM. It is completely oil lubricated to maintain optimal temperatures and performance, while also providing quiet operation. IH-80 is also self-priming, allowing it to start up quickly and achieve maximum flow and pressure. IH 80 includes several unique features that set it apart from other pumps. It includes an efficient inlet filter that prevents contamination from entering the pump. This helps extend the life of the pump and keeps it running efficiently. It also boasts a large capacity condensate receiver that reduces the frequency with which the tank needs to be emptied. This ensures easy and efficient operation. EDWARDS IH-80 is constructed with rigid cast aluminum construction for durability and strength. The direct drive motor is rated for continuous operation at 3450 RPM, making it one of the most powerful motors on the market. It comes standard with a 7.5 inch diameter port, with optional 9 inch port available. This allows for greater flexibility in connecting vacuum hoses. IH80 can be used in a variety of applications including medical, industrial, process and research, as well as material handling. It offers a combination of power, efficiency, and reliability that makes it well suited for a wide variety of uses. It is ideal for applications requiring high vacuum levels, and offers the option of connecting to other systems or pumps in order to achieve a total system solution. EDWARDS iH80 is an excellent choice when it comes to pumps. With its combination of power, efficiency and reliability, it will provide reliable and efficient operation in any application. Its features and design make it an ideal choice for many applications, providing an affordable, reliable, and efficient solution.
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