Used EDWARDS iH80 #152811 for sale

ID: 152811
EDWARDS iH80 high vacuum pump is designed to provide powerful and reliable performance for a wide range of industrial, analytical, and research applications. It is an energy-efficient, single-stage rotary vane pump that can create a vacuum with a nominal pumping speed of 60 m3/h. The pump utilizes high-efficiency lubricated vane technology to generate smooth, efficient operation. Its patented design helps to reduce operating noise levels and features low maintenance costs. The pump's shaft seal is a metal bellows design, minimizing mechanical stress on the vane tips and providing a long life to the pump. Additionally, the pump is equipped with an efficient motor that can be manually switched between 50 or 60 Hz. EDWARDS IH 80 pump is engineered for robustness and optimized for performance. It offers a maximum ultimate vacuum of 5x10E-4 mbar, providing high pumping speed for various applications. The pump is also equipped with a built-in, independent inlet and exhaust silencer that dampens the noise as it enters and exits the pump, increasing working comfort in the laboratory. In addition, IH-80 is designed for optimal safety in mind. It is equipped with built-in over-temperature protection and an onboard safety relief valve that helps to prevent over-pressurization. It also features an integrated, compact control panel that provides overload protection and an automated startup/restart system. The pump is designed to protect against accidental dry running and is also equipped with an anti-suck-back feature that prevents the pump from re-entering the system on power-failure. Overall, iH80 is a reliable, high-performing, and energy-efficient pump designed to fulfill a variety of vacuum applications. Its advanced features make it an ideal choice for industrial, analytical, and research pumping needs.
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