Used EDWARDS iH80 #9068850 for sale

ID: 9068850
Dry Pump.
EDWARDS iH80 is a highly efficient and efficient rotary pump designed to provide high performance in a variety of applications. It is capable of producing up to 75 m3/h of flow at relatively low pressure. It is designed with a high-flow rate that makes it ideal for delivering large volumes of liquids or gases efficiently. EDWARDS IH 80 features a coaxial casing design that allows for a high degree of stability and reliability throughout its operating range. This structure enables the pump to deliver a consistent flow rate throughout the full range of its working pressure. The design also ensures that the pump operates with minimal vibration and noise. IH-80 is driven by an electric motor that produces low noise and vibration. This allows the pump to operate efficiently and quietly while preserving its durability and providing reliable service. The pump also features a hermetically sealed design with stainless steel components to ensure a long and reliable life. Other features of EDWARDS IH-80 include multiple inlet and outlet ports for flexibility in customization for specific applications and an integrated dry-running protection system that ensures safe operation should the pump's pressure become too low. The dry-running protection system is designed to automatically deactivate the pump when dry running is detected. IH80 pumps are easily configurable with a variety of features and options. This includes adjustable speeds, adjustable pressure, temperature control, and many others. Additionally, IH 80 pumps can be set up to operate both manually and automatically according to the specific application needs. EDWARDS iH80 is designed with a robust, leak-free construction that makes it suitable for use in harsh conditions, such as industrial applications and extreme temperatures. Due to its exceptional design and construction, EDWARDS IH 80 is a reliable and robust pump able to provide reliable performance even in the most challenging environments.
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