Used EDWARDS iH80 #9091043 for sale

ID: 9091043
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iH80 is a single-stage, sliding-vane, rotary-vane pump designed to work with a variety of liquids and gases. This pump is highly efficient and has quiet operation due to its low-noise integral motor and composite sliding-vane. EDWARDS IH 80 is an oil lubricated pump with an independent lubricating equipment to ensure efficient performance. The lubricant is continuously circulated in the wetted chamber to ensure reduced internal friction and resistance and extended maintenance intervals. The lubrication system also helps to reduce environmental impact by avoiding pollution from oil mist release. This pump is designed with actively controlled motor speeds that can be adjusted using a stepless frequency converter for optimal pump performance. Additionally, the pump has a unique four-zone chamber design to ensure maximum pump performance. Several motor casing and pump mounting options including coolant-cooled versions which allows the pump to operate in various environments while ensuring optimal efficiency. IH-80 has a drive train with a single-stage helical gear transmission and a classic drive unit using a coupling-chain-motor design. The robust design of the drive provides increased drive power as well as reduced drive noise while operating. The drive machine also has an integrated clutch, allowing for higher torque and superior noise dampening. This pump is compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 77 kg (170.4 lbs). This size makes IH 80 ideal in a variety of applications such as metals processing, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, chemical and food processing. The standard suction and discharge ports are sized for two inch piping and can be adapted to fit the needs of most fluid handling equipment. EDWARDS IH-80 is highly reliable for a variety of applications and the high efficiency ensures lower operating costs. It also meets all relevant safety standards to ensure the use in a variety of environments. The durable construction can be adapted to meet the needs of any application with an easy tool installation and maintenance.
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