Used EDWARDS iL600 #161746 for sale

ID: 161746
EDWARDS iL600 is a multi-stage, dry vacuum pump that offers high reliability and performance. It is ideally suited for applications where purity and high performance levels are critical. This pump can provide industry-leading vacuum levels down to 10-8 Torr. It is a two-stage rotary vane pump that is designed for maximum efficiency. It is designed for long service life with minimal maintenance. EDWARDS IL 600 is extremely reliable and durable, providing a long-lasting life under the most challenging applications. This pump features a built-in motor protection, adjustable motor voltage and a single point of pressure control. This pump has a direct cooling technique that eliminates the need for filter cooling, thus eliminating contamination risks. IL600 also features a sealed oil management system to further reduce contamination risk. IL 600 vacuum pump includes temperature monitoring capabilities allowing the operator to monitor operating temperatures and adjust the motor's settings accordingly. This system also provides an emergency shutdown feature in the event of a motor failure. In addition, EDWARDS iL600 has a integrated interlock feature that will automatically shut down the pump in the event of an overload or short circuit. EDWARDS IL 600 offers exceptional performance in low-vacuum pumping, offering superior performance at extreme temperatures. The two-stage design of this pump allows for a higher compression ration, improving efficiency and delivering higher flow rates. This pump is excellent for processes such as freeze drying, thin film coating and vacuum distillation. IL600 is easy to maintain and service, with quick and convenient inspections. All components are removable and can be replaced with minimal downtime. This pump also includes an integrated contamination protection system that is designed to protect against particulate contamination in the vacuum environment. IL 600 is perfect for any demanding application where efficiency, high performance levels and reliability are the necessities.
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